Tuesday, May 7, 2013


It's been rather busy lately. Tomorrow I am off on a week long river trip down the San Juan in the four corners area of Utah. Looks like the first day could see some rain then clear warm weather after that.  I'm going to bring along the paints as well. I have a military rocket box I use to make sure everything stays dry through the rapids.

I worked a little more on this piece with the highlights and some of the values. The image I sent off on Friday for the American Society of Marine Artists show in Coos Bay, Oregon.  So any changes that happen now will be for myself only. 

This 40x30 I also started for the Howard/Mandville Gallery, but it to will have to wait until I get back. Actually the very next day we get back from the river trip I am off to Fredericksburg, Texas for the Oil Painters of America show. That should be fun to hob nob with some of the more well known artists.

Richard Boyer 

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